For hopeful business owners, sometimes the concept of erecting a business from scratch isn’t so desirable. Many hopeful business owners would prefer to buy into a business that’s already recognizable and has a proven track record for success. As with any business, it takes money to purchase an existing business. Fortunately, some loans make this possible and they are referred to as business acquisition loans.

What is a Business Acquisition Loan?

The purpose of a business acquisition loan is to acquire other businesses. One may apply for this loan to become a business owner. Or one may also be an existing business owner and wish to buy your partner out to be the sole owner. Someone might also want to buy another business while still owning your current business. Many different scenarios may prompt a person to apply for a business acquisition loan. 

What are The Different Types of Business Acquisition Loans?

There are several types of loans that fall under the business acquisition umbrella. These loans differ from each other and maybe suitable for different business owners for a variety of different situations. For example, a 7(a) and 504 loan SBA loan may be attractive to a person who has difficulty getting a conventional loan. Conversely, a term loan may be attractive to a person who has good credit and doesn’t have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans. Term loans are typically offered by traditional lenders. Equipment financing may be an option for a business owner that has equipment that can be used as collateral for a loan.

These types of loans allow you to secure a loan by using the company equipment as collateral. Alternative lending like peer-to-peer lending is another avenue for people who may have difficulty securing a traditional loan. These loans can be contained through groups or private lenders. These loans tend to be more flexible because they aren’t offered through banks but instead through individuals or groups. All of these loans fall under the umbrella of business acquisition loans. 

As a business owner or a potential business owner, you have options when it comes to business acquisition loans. There are a variety of different loans designed to meet the differing needs of business owners. Contact Signal Peak for more business financing options.