The Advantages of Franchise Financing

Investing in an existing market can be a lucrative way to expand your business. Signal Peak Commercial Lending can help you achieve this goal by doing what we always do: providing you with the best possible financing solutions. Our franchise financing options give you the money you need to purchase real estate, equipment, remodeling, as well as new construction and business acquisitions. All of these can be involved in purchasing a franchise, so we make sure to provide the most flexible options possible to make sure you can expand your business the way you want to. In order to save you time, we offer a free pre-qualification application. Find out if you qualify for a franchise loan in as little as 48 hours.

Details of Our Program

Our franchise loans are designed to give you the best terms possible. Our loan programs include the following:


Rates as low as 6%


Term lengths up to 25 years


No prepayment penalties


Up to 90% LTV


Extra cash for working capital

Our franchise loans are simple and effective enough to work for clients with just about any level of business experience, even first time owners.

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