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When you’re applying for small business financing, the last thing you want is a lender that doesn’t understand small business needs. At Signal Peak Commercial Lending, we’ve been working with small businesses for ages, and we know the challenges you face and the solutions that work. Instead of forcing you to fit a specific mold, we adapt our small business loan program to the specific goals of your company.

The Companies We Support

Here are some of the types of small businesses than can benefit from our customized SBA financing:

Plumbing businesses


General contractors/construction companies


Gas stations




Car dealerships


Coffee shops


Dental/medical practices

Whether you’re looking to move to a brand new location or expand your business, we have the financial tools to help. A small business loan gives you access to flexible capital to use however you need.

The SBA Loans We Offer

There are many options for government-backed small business loans. Here are a few of the most popular:
  • SBA 504 loan: This kind of loan is great for large purchases. If your company needs heavy machinery or real estate, a 504 loan can save you a lot of money and provide significant capital.
  • SBA 7(a) loan:  The option is excellent for a range of small business needs, from equipment upgrades and software purchases to working capital and office remodeling projects.
  • SBA Express loan: When you need an emergency infusion of capital that doesn’t carry a lot of interest, SBA Express loans can be the ideal solution. They don’t take very long to process or approve, so you can take great care of your business’s unique circumstances.

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