Anyone who is well-versed in the world of blogging or running a website knows how important SEO is to a website´s success. For those who do not already know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a score a website receives based on several factors. These include how well content is written, the percentage of the word count the keyword/keyword phrase takes up, if the article is tagged, and how links to and from the article work. While social media does not do much to impact how well an article is written or how it looks on the website, using social media can help to boost how many people see your post. Positive social media interaction with a link to your article can do wonders for your website´s SEO.


One of the best things that social media sites can do for your website´s SEO score is create free and valuable backlinks. Backlinks are links to your article from other sources. While most all backlinks are great for your site, it should be noted that not all backlinks are created equally. For example, a backlink that is in a reputable scientific website, national newspaper, or .org or .gov website, is going to be worth a lot when it comes to your website´s SEO score. A backlink in someone´s random Twitter post will be worth less. Of course, every link is still worth something, and that´s where social media comes into play.

Every established brand or website should have a social media account. This way, the social media manager can share the website´s links through posts. For this to work, the link to the article or website needs to be included in the social media post. The post also needs to be shareable. This way, other people can share the posts on their own social media pages. This increases the odds that more people will see the post. The more people who see the post, the more people who will be likely to click on the link. The more people who click on the link, the more likely it will be that someone else who runs a blog or website will use your link in one of their articles. This will create a natural and free backlink for your website!

If you want free organic backlinks, try using social media for your website more. You never know what might happen!