Did you know that the Small Business Administration, or SBA, offers help for women owned business endeavors? That is right; if you have a women owned business or brand, there could be funding opportunities and resources waiting for you!

Some ways that the SBA helps women-owned businesses include these:

Educational Programs

First, the SBA wants to provide entrepreneurs to the information that can help them to succeed. Non-profit resources such as Women’s Centers widely, seminars, lectures, classes, and workshops are available relate to starting, growing, and cultivating your business. Additionally, you will have access to business consultants who can help field your questions.


Speaking of consultation, another program that is offered to women entrepreneurs and women owned business is mentorship. After all, who knows business better than someone who has built a successful one, themselves? Mentorship should never be underestimated; the advice of a seasoned mentor can be invaluable to a start-up company.

Guaranteed Loans

Since the SBA does not offer grants specifically, it does offer loan guarantees to those requesting financing. The eligibility guidelines for these funds may be easier and less rigid than other lenders. What happens is the SBA guarantees the loan through various lenders, so women owned business proprietors are able to access the financing that they need for their company.

Federal Aid & Assistance

The federal government, as a whole, does provide opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive financial aid and assistance, including for women owned business. While the SBA doesn’t offer a lot of grants, the Federal Government may provide grant money for the development of products, for example, founded by women entrepreneurs.

Federal Acquisition & Regulation

Did you know that something else the SBA does is line up the purchase of goods, products, and services from women owned business for use in a gamut of agencies and facilities? The eligibility of selling goods to the government is outlined by the Federal Acquisition Regulation.  

Do you have a women owned business?  Consider these perks offered by the SBA for your company. Speak to the money experts at Signal Peak Commercial Capital to learn more.