Commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative ventures that investors can take advantage of, a factor that likely stems from the various types of properties on the market. From hotels to malls and even gas stations, this area has no shortage of investment opportunities. In addition to the endless options, investors also benefit from diverse income streams, with examples of this being property appreciation, rental income, and savings on taxes. Below, we take you through the best investments for commercial real estate investors.

Commercial Properties for Real Estate Investment

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings also referred to as multifamily properties, are some options that offer low risk for investors. Due to the increase in population and the high home prices, numerous people can only afford apartment buildings, resulting in increased occupancy levels. But even with this merit, keep in mind that apartment buildings require a hands-on approach and will likely require you to take up a management role.

Flex Space

Flex space refers to a light industrial complex with an office on one side and a showroom on the other. These commercial properties are currently some of the most in-demand spaces, resulting in total occupancy levels. Due to this, they present a low-risk investment with favorable prices, allowing small businesses to pay their rent on time.

Mobile Home Parks

Where tenants own their homes, mobile home parks are other options to consider.  These come with the benefit of low maintenance, with the only upkeep required from commercial real estate investors being lighting and landscaping. Your tenants take care of their homes while renting this space, reducing your operating costs significantly.

Self Storage

With no buildings to maintain and no amenities to fix, self-storage is another commercial property to invest in. Such properties have been found to do well in economic downturns and during peak financial seasons, helping you get the best of both worlds.

Whether you are looking to invest in new trends such as flex spaces or prefer going for traditional alternatives such as apartment buildings, we are here to help you with your financing needs. Call us today for funding solutions geared to get you started on your commercial real estate journey.